About Trivisen


Trivisen is an early-stage business that aims to Identify burning issues and find innovative solutions for them aligned with sustainable development. 

Our current active project includes development of fluoride and arsenic removal technologies for drinking water treatment. We welcome opportunities to collaborate and explore ways to work together!

Dr Setu Kasera

Calcutta to Cambridge –  My story…


An aspiring scientist, I had never thought of starting a business when I left India for higher studies in 2006, as a young millennial. Through the course of my learnings in England, I realised that there were many channels for a scientist to harness the power of science and bring its benefits to the society.

Given my training as a chemist/biological chemist, stepping into medical diagnostics and pharma/biotech industries were logical outcomes  Needless to say, the high emotional and socioeconomic impacts of diseases means that these industries offer greater opportunities than most to make a difference. 

A journey that I made to Cancun in Mexico, to participate in the UN Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (2017) turned my attention to another burning issue, ‘Water’.  Growing up in Calcutta in India, I already had a first-hand experience of water shortage and quality issues. I set out on a fact-finding mission and the technological gaps became obvious very quickly. Water is already recognised  as a human right as well as an essential commodity and there is still much to be done in this area!

Trivisen’s operational model scouts for promising technologies that are at an early-stage with a demonstrated MVP, that are typically ready for field testing and market insights. We aim to foster knowledge and channel partnerships to move forward. Through Trivisen, I envisage continuing to work on unmet needs to find sustainable solutions for today and tomorrow.