Techno economic analysis

Cost modelling for API manufacturing process (2018)

An early stage biotech company intends to manufacture its lead product, a drug molecule, using their proprietary methods.  The company required an evaluation of their cost of manufacturing for the API to answer the following questions:

What is the cost of manufacturing the drug by the method today?
Which factors have the highest impact on cost?
What is the timeline for improvement of process parameters?
What will the estimated cost of manufacturing be after process optimisation?
Does it make economic sense to set up an in-house manufacturing facility or to outsource manufacturing?


 Informed R&D strategy and established commercial viability. The results were presented in a comprehensive written report accompanied by an investor-ready slide deck. 



 Market research


2018: Market research to explore opportunities in the nutraceutical industry (2018)

A small biotech firm wanted to evaluate the nutraceutical market space to decide whether entering the sector would turnaround their company into a profit-making business. 


 Market analysis showed that although there were plenty of opportunities in the nutraceutical space, the estimated return on investment was not large enough to pursue the market.



Science research

Identification of novel molecular targets for drug design (2018)

A pre-start up phase project needed assistance with deeper understanding of current drugs administered for target indication, drugs in development pipeline and identification of novel molecular targets to inform medicinal chemistry efforts.


 Prepared detailed scientific proposal with recommendations to the management for decision-making.




Grant management

Management of governmental funding application (2017-18)

A grant awarded to an early stage biotech company during their fundraising rounds required close management of R&D to ensure continued progress and regular reporting to comply with governmental funding requirements.


Efficient monitoring of R&D activities resulted in quick course correction as and when needed. This resulting in successful research outcomes, creating tremendous value.

The grant was managed successfully.

Impressed by the excellent reporting and fund management, the company was selected for their showcase program by the monitoring officer.


Technical support

New analytical method in API manufacturing to move away from expensive chromatography (2017)

It is well known that chromatographic steps in large scale manufacturing can be a bottleneck in a desired ‘high-throughput’ process and is often cost prohibitive. The project required an alternative method of detection of secondary metabolites. 


 Recommended new optical strategy that combined molecular binding and fluorescence detection reduced the cost from $2-$5 per well down to a few cents per well.  



Grant applications


Preparation of governmental funding application (2017)

Preparing a grant application for Innovate UK involved R&D planning, identifying and establishing business relationships with technology partners, preparation of financial budget and writing up the business plan. 


The grant worth approximately £500k was awarded to the company.



Technical insights

Providing insights into Nanogeoscience to decision-makers (2016)

A governmental organisation based in India had requested for expert insight into nanotechnology and geoscience to kickstart an internal proposal to set up a new Nanogeoscience centre.


 The decision-makers and team members were given an in-depth background into the field in the form of an oral presentation.