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Rahul K Rajan

Marketing Associate - Water Purification


Heading our lead generation strategy in the water industry, Rahul has an innate aptitude in business, which led him to undertake several small scale entrepreneurial activities from a young age. Following his passion and keen to polish his skills, Rahul enrolled himself in a formal MBA program at one of the top universities of South India, Mahatma Gandhi University (SMBS), Kottayam (Kerala). Rahul completed his undergraduate program through a distance learning course from Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu. Rahul was a significant contributor at the marketing department of management fest “Beacon2k19” hosted by SMBS, Mahatma Gandhi University.

Rahul comes from Kerala in India. His other areas of interests are travelling, reading and playing games. He is a passionate automobile enthusiast. He also enjoys spending time watching classic movies from different cultures. He highly values adherence to ethics, commitment and integrity.


Rahul’s motto:

”Constant growth” – be a better person tomorrow.