Dr. Setu Kasera

AMRSC (cantab)


2011-15: PhD Chemistry

University of Cambridge, UK

2010-11: MPhil Chemistry

University of Cambridge, UK

2006-10:  BSc Biological Chem

Aston University, UK







I have a knowledge background across physical chemistry, nanotechnology and photonics, and authored several peer-reviewed articles throughout my research training. I hold an MPhil and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge and BSc Biological Chemistry from Aston University. 

Through my doctoral research, I developed quantitative molecular sensing technologies for trace detection of organic molecular analytes (patent pending). Based on solicited feedback from clinicians, the platform technology was developed further for multiplexed analysis of neurotransmitters in human urine, allowing detection with high sensitivity, within a matter of minutes and using low-cost instrumentation.   

Awards & Recognition

Doctoral Researcher Honourable Mention ABTA (2016)

Trinity Hall Vici Vivum Award Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge (2016)

Cambridge Commonwealth Scholar Cambridge Trust, University of Cambridge (2011)

Krebs Memorial Scholar The Biochemical Society (2011)

Sir William Waters Butler Prize Aston University (for excellence in Chemistry, 2010)

George Parker Prize Aston University (for excellence in Chemistry, 2008)

First Business Idea

‘Early warning in healthcare’

Medical Diagnostics

2015: Impact Acceleration Award

Follow-on-fund, EPSRC


Continuing as a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge for a year, I led market research to direct the development of the fast and cheap platform technology developed during my PhD towards point-of-care diagnostics for disease detection. My business idea, which focused on ‘early warning in healthcare’, drew interest from several investors and commercial partners. The sensor continues to be developed at the University of Cambridge for creation of a home-based integrated health-monitoring system.  

Awards & Recognition

Finalist at Emerging Technology Competition Chemistry means business, Royal Society of Chemistry (2016)

Semi-finalist at Postdoc Enterprise Competition Cambridge Enterprise, University of Cambridge (2016)

Life Science Industry

Technical & Business Consultant

Trivisen (2017-present)

Director of Operations

Early stage biotech (2018)

QA & Regulatory Affairs Analyst

High-street nutraceutical (2007)




I am engaged by a US-based small biotech company as an external consultant, offering services ranging from market opportunity evaluation, API cost driver determination to basic scientific research (primary and secondary) for molecular target identification for novel antimicrobial drug discovery. I also worked with an associate company in the UK conducting market analysis for potential opportunities for them in the nutraceutical industry.

Recently, I was also engaged as a part of the management team as Director of Operations at an early stage company based in Cambridge (UK). The product portfolio focused on animal health and veterinary industry. I established and maintained relationships with technology partners, supported management of R&D activities, financial reporting and prepared reports to present to the company board.

Previously, I have worked in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs (including dossier compilation) at a nutraceutical company based in Birmingham, UK.

Further information on completed projects can be found here.